General Introduction & Rules

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General Introduction & Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:16 pm

Hello all !  Very Happy

In this forum, you can ask questions about anything that relates to well-being of people. Smile
E.g. About an interest/hobby, depression, idea of doing something, relationship problems, best place to travel/eat/have fun, etc

We are all set in the Brisbane Area and most are university students so this forum would be helpful if you want to meet friends or hang out. Help one another to achieve each other's dreams. I'm sure you guys will find someone here easily.

Other than that, this forum would be the place to visit because it's close to our area where we can actually meet real potential friends and people!

Just some ground rules I want to say before you use this platform.
1) Be respectful of one another. Be nice.
2) No swears or any offensive comment. We are all educated people.
3) Be sensible if you are going to meet someone on here. Admin wont be held responsible for it.
4) Do not spam posts or comments or post irrelevant content here
5) Best to not mention someone's name without their permission. Use he/she or a friend, etc.

That's all. 5 simple rules.
Awesome! So if you have a question or discussion, feel free to post it now by making a username and hit 'new post'!  Surprised

Oh and if you want to read and know more about me, come visit my website at

Keep awesome guys! Love one another and be happy. <3 <3 <3


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